Unusual anatomical variation in formation of sural nerve


  • Humberto Ferreira Arquez Universidad de Pamplona.Dept: Laboratory of Morphology Address: University Campus- Kilometer 1 - Via Bucaramanga.Zip code: 543050. City: Pamplona, Country: Norte de Santander- Colombia- Suramérica




Anatomical variation, common peroneal nerve; lateral sural cutaneous nerve; medial sural cutaneous nerve; peroneal communicating nerve; sciatic nerve, sural nerve; tibial nerve.


Background: Sural nerve is formed by communication of medial sural cutaneous nerve, that arise from tibial nerve in popliteal fossa and peroneal communicating nerve, a branch directly from common peroneal nerve or from lateral sural cutaneous nerve.The objective of this study was described an unusual and few reported anatomical variation in formation of sural nerve.

Materials and Methods: The anatomical variation described was found during routine dissection performed by medical students of second semester in two maleembalbed adult cadavers of 75 and 65 years of age, respectivelyin the laboratory of Morphology of the University of Pamplona.

Results and Discussion: In the left lower limb, both medial sural cutaneous nerve, and lateral sural cutaneous nervewere absent. The sural nerve arose directly from the tibial nerve. It’s observed a communicating branch between tibial nerve and common peroneal nerve. In the right lower limb, lateral sural cutaneous nerve was absent. The sural nerve arose directly from the common peroneal nerve.Peroneal communicating nerve was considered as absent in the two cases.Motor fiber from sural nerve to gastrocnemius muscle was observed in both lower limbs

Conclusions:The knowledge of the sural nerve (normal anatomy and variations in origin and course) is important in evaluating of the patients, as well explaining the different clinical findings necessary for accuracy treatment.

Bangladesh Journal of Medical Science Vol.18(3) 2019 p.508-512


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