Askin's Tumor


  • M Sayeed Hossain Registrar, Department of Radiotherapy, Dhaka Medical College Hospital
  • AKM Hamidur Rahman Associate Professor, Department of Radiotherapy, Faridpur Medical College.
  • GM Faruque Associate Professor, Department of Radiation & Oncology, DMC.
  • M Moarraf Hossen Associate Professor, Department of Radiation & Oncology, DMC.
  • MA Bari Assistant Professor, Department of Oncology, BSMMU
  • Arunangshu Das Honorary Medical Officer, Department of Radiotherapy, Dhaka Medical College Hospital.


Askin's Tumor, PNET, Chemotherapy


Askin's tumor is a malignant small round cell tumor affecting thoracopulmonary region. Because of its neuroectodermal origin it is also known as Primitive neuroectodermal tumor. An 8 year-old female patient was admitted to our hospital with complaints of weight loss and upper abdominal mass. Skyagram of chest P/A view showed a well circumscribed mass in upper zone of the left lung. Diagnosis was made by fine needle aspiration cytology which showed malignant small round cell tumor. Clinical, radiological and cytological findings led to the definite diagnosis of Askin tumor.

Treatment in Askin tumor consists of radical surgery, neoadjuvant or adjuvant chemo-therapy and radiotherapy. Although a long survival is intended by multimodel therapy, prognosis is generally poor. Recently remission rate has improved from 26 % to 65% with aggressive chemotherapy.

Survival has been reported as 8 months after diagnosis. Since our case was inoperable and patient denied radiotherapy so, chemotherapy was planned.

Key words: Askin's Tumor, PNET, Chemotherapy.

(Bang. Onc. J. 2009; 4(2) : 82-85)   


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