Association of Socio-Demographic Factors with Performance of Recruits in a Military Training Center of Bangladesh


  • Md Rofiqur Rahman Chief Instructor, AMCC&S
  • Md Abdullah Al Harun Commandant, AMCC&S
  • Md Ashraful Islam Adjutant (Training), AMCC&S



Recruits, Family income, Physical performance, Education status, Basic soldiering performance


Introduction: Military training of future soldiers of Bangladesh Army is highly significant and dependent on many factors they are associated with. Military training is not only associated with physical considerations but also related to mental faculty of individuals.

Objective: To assess the Association of socio demographic factors with performance of recruits in a military training center of Bangladesh.

Materials and Methods: This cross sectional study was conducted among 180 respondents from January to June 2019. Sampling was done by dividing 600 recruits into 06 strata and selecting 180 respondents by applying simple random sampling from each of the strata.

Results: Average age of the respondents' father was 67 years with minimum 60 years and maximum of 90 years. About 53.9% of respondents’ father was farmer. Average self-income of the respondents’ father was 14044.1 taka, only 40 had pacca house and most of the respondents’ living houses were either semi pacca (43) or tin shed (76). 167 had water source from tube well and 151 had pacca toilet. Most of the respondents (166) are coping with training hardship, 173 were happy with food supplied and accommodation (146) and 169 were missing their families. Among them 160 were very good in physical section, 46 were good in educational section and 125 were good in basic soldering section. A number of association were drawn between the respondents’ fathers' income, their living condition, food habit, mothers’ education, adaptation with training hardship, self-assessment and performance in different test or exams.

Conclusion: Family’s’ economic condition, parents education, food habit, socio economic status, recruits performance, Military training.

JAFMC Bangladesh. Vol 17, No 2 (December) 2021: 43-46


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Rahman, M. R. ., Harun, M. A. A., & Islam, M. A. . (2022). Association of Socio-Demographic Factors with Performance of Recruits in a Military Training Center of Bangladesh. Journal of Armed Forces Medical College, Bangladesh, 17(2), 43–46.



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