Effect of “Flora” on the Growth and Yield of Wetland Rice


  • MA Aziz Department of Soil Science, Faculty of Agriculture, Sylhet Agricultural University, Sylhet
  • MAM Miah Soil Science Division, Bangladesh Rice Research Institute, Gazipur




Flora, growth, yield, wetland rice


One experiment was conducted at Bangladesh Rice Research Institute farm and another experiment was conducted at farmer's field, Samantopur, Gazipur during the T. aman season, 2006 in order to determine the performance of flora on the growth and yield of wetland rice. The following four treatment combinations were tested in both site: T1= Control (No-fertilizer), T2= Flora @ 3ml/lit. of water, T3= Soil Test Based (STB) dose and T4= T3 + Flora @ 3ml/lit. of water. BRRIdhan 31 was used as test crop. The blanket doses of fertilizers were applied on soil test based (STB). The experiments were laid out in Randomized Complete Block Design with 3 replications of each treatment. The sources of N, P, K and S were Urea, TSP, MP and gypsum. Urea was applied into three equal splits, 1/3rd basal, 1/3rd maximum tillering stage and the remaining 1/3rd at panicle initiation stage. The treatment T4 where chemical fertilizer was applied on STB in combination with flora produced the maximum yield but in terms of economic point of view the treatment T3 (STB) was found superior to other treatments.

Key words: Flora, growth, yield, wetland rice.

DOI: 10.3329/jard.v7i1.4416

J Agric Rural Dev 7(1&2), 9-13, June 2009


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Aziz, M., & Miah, M. (2010). Effect of “Flora” on the Growth and Yield of Wetland Rice. Journal of Agriculture &Amp; Rural Development, 7(1), 9–13. https://doi.org/10.3329/jard.v7i1.4416



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