An analysis of the practices of Muhammad (pbuh) on resolving conflicts


  • Mustafa Monjur Department of Islamic Studies, University of Dhaka



Conflict resolution, Dispute, Islam, Peace, Prophet Muhammad (pbuh)


Conflict is an inevitable phenomenon of human life as everyone strives for the peace, which can be established only on the absence of conflict. So, naturally, the presence of various conflicts in our life cycle, from the very person to the greater field of international arena, and the process to avoid or resolve these have been taken as a major concern by the social thinkers. In this regard, Muslim scholars also give their thoughtful suggestion on principles and methods of conflict resolution according to the Islamic ideology that basically consists of the Quran and of the tradition of the Prophet (pbuh). In this paper, among these two core sources of Islam, the traditions of Prophet (pbuh) are described to some extent that would be helpful to regulate a new method for conflict management. This paper is also an attempt to make proper evidences from the history for the settlement of disputes of the present world. With the comparison of conventional and Islamic process of conflict resolution it also can help to add suitable dimension in this context.    

Key words: Conflict resolution; Dispute; Islam; Peace; Prophet Muhammad (pbuh).

DOI: 10.3329/jbayr.v1i1.6840

Journal of Bangladesh Association of Young Researchers Vol.1(1) 2011 pp.109-125


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Author Biography

Mustafa Monjur, Department of Islamic Studies, University of Dhaka

Mustafa Monjur is currently serving as a lecturer, Department of Islamic Studies, University of Dhaka, Bangladesh. He started his career as a ‘Research Officer’ under the Ministry of Education, Government of the Peoples Republic of Bangladesh. Later he joined in Jagannath University, Dhaka as a lecturer of Islamic Studies and served for nearly two and a half year. He has been awarded M.phil degree from University of Dhaka on “The existing relationship between Muslims and Non-Muslims in Bangladesh: An Islamic outlook” in 2010. Mr. Monjur is author of five research articles and joined several seminars and conferences related to religious issues. His area of interests are contemporary issues and social problems related to Islam, human rights and humanitarian law, women empowerment, peace and conflict studies etc.




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