Early Urological Complications After Live Related Renal Transplantation: An Update

Complications after renal transplantation


  • Tohid Mohammad Saiful Hossain Department of Urology, Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujib Medical University, Dhaka, Bangladesh http://orcid.org/0000-0002-4856-3625
  • Tahmina Karim Department of Pediatric Cardiology, Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujib Medical University (BSMMU), Shahbag, Dhaka.




Live related renal transplant, Early urological complications, Urine leak, Ureteroneocystostomy


Background: Kidney transplant is the standard of care for end stage kidney disease and associated with immunological, vascular and urological complications. Urological complications remain the most common type of surgical complication in the early post-transplant period, inspite of major procedural advances many grafts are still being lost due to same.

Objectives: The purpose of this review was to discuss the different presentations, compare various ureterovesical anastomosis techniques and provide a basic overview for the management of post-transplant urological complications hence to improve graft and patient survival.

Methods: This study was a narrative review.  Recent available literature was searched by keywords. The most recent information from relevant articles were collected and reviewed. This write up was compiled after the review of articles from the last 50 years.

Results: Majority of these complications could be traced back to the time of retrieval and anastomosis of ureter. So, the high degree of suspicion, early detection, accurate diagnosis and timely management of urological complications occurring after kidney transplant were the key tasks of transplant team managing the patients. A delay in diagnosis or management of these complications could lead to morbidity to the recipient even graft loss and or mortality.

Conclusion: To minimize the early complications of post kidney transplantation high degree of suspicion and prompt intervention is needed for graft and patient survival.

Bangladesh Med Res Counc Bull 2020; 46(2): 68-72


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Hossain, T. M. S., & Karim, T. (2020). Early Urological Complications After Live Related Renal Transplantation: An Update: Complications after renal transplantation. Bangladesh Medical Research Council Bulletin, 46(2), 68–72. https://doi.org/10.3329/bmrcb.v46i2.49584



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