Health and Nutritional Profile of Working and Non-Working Slum Children


  • Md Monoarul Haque Bangladesh University of Health Sciences (BUHS), Dhaka
  • A K M Majbah Uddin University of South Asia, Dhaka
  • Md Zahid Hasan Khan Community Medical Institute, Gaibandha
  • Khaleda Islam Institute of Nutrition and Food Science University of Dhaka, Dhaka



Nutritional status, Slum children, Socioeconomic status


Background: The nutritional status of children does not only directly reflect the socioeconomic status of the family and social wellbeing of the community, but also the efficiency of the health care system, and the influence of the surrounding environment. Objective: The present study is an attempt to assess the health and nutritional profile of working and non working slum children in selected slum in Dhaka.

Methods: It was a cross sectional descriptive study. The subjects were selected purposively. The study was conducted among 200 slum children in three slum area of Dhaka city. Anthropometric data such as height and weight of the study subjects were collected by using standard techniques. Nutritional status was measured according to WHO guideline.

Result: Most of children came from around 12 year age group and male, female distribution was equal. Most of them was Muslim and their income was <5000 taka per month. Underweight (50%, 35%), normal (38%, 49%), overweight (8%, 10%) and obese (4%, 6%) were among working and non working children respectively. Around 50% of children did not think food for his own, later and need not cook for his own. Almost all took rice 2- 3times/day. Milk, meat, egg, fruits, noodles and soft drinks did not take 2- 3times/day. Vegetables and pulses were taken randomly.

Conclusion: Tackling malnutrition in urban slums requires a holistic approach, especially when targeting populations of school-age children.

Recommendation: Intervention programs related to health and nutritional status may be arranged.



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Author Biographies

Md Monoarul Haque, Bangladesh University of Health Sciences (BUHS), Dhaka

Department of Community Nutrition
Faculty of Public Health

A K M Majbah Uddin, University of South Asia, Dhaka

Department of Public Health & Life Science




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Haque, M. M., Uddin, A. K. M. M., Khan, M. Z. H., & Islam, K. (2014). Health and Nutritional Profile of Working and Non-Working Slum Children. Chattagram Maa-O-Shishu Hospital Medical College Journal, 13(3), 15–20.



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