Study of Tetanus in the Infectious Diseases Hospital, Dhaka, Bangladesh


  • Syed Ahsan Tauhid Assistant professor(pediatrics), Sir Salimullah Medical College and Mitford Hospital, Dhaka, (Ex. Junior Consultant. Infectious Diseases Hospital. Dhaka.)
  • Syeda Subrina Siddika Lecturer, Community medicine Department, Mugda medical college, Dhaka
  • Sk Serjina Anwer Medical Officer. Infectious diseases Hospital. Dhaka



Tetanus, neonatal tetanus, immunization, incubation period, Tetanus mortality.


Background: Tetanus is a vaccine preventable serious disease that can affect people of all age group with a high mortality. Although tetanus incidence is significantly reduced due to nationwide vaccination coverage, it is not uncommon in our country.

Aims & Objectives: To determine of the socio-demographic profile, nature of injury, incubation period and outcome of the tetanus patients who were admitted in the Infectious Diseases Hospital, Dhaka during the study period. Materials and Methods: This cross sectional observational study was done in the Infectious diseases hospital, Dhaka during the period of February 2017 to January 2018. The data, were collected, compiled and analyzed.

Results: Out of 149 patients, neonates were 13(8.7%) in number. Most of the cases were in middle aged group. Malefemale ratio about 4.5:1. Majority of the patients (134, 89.9%) had no history of immunization but one patient was immunized within five years. Mean incubation period tetanus was 8.45 days with ±5.56 SD. Death occurs in 41(27.5%) patients and all of them had no history of immunization. Death rate of patients having early incubation period was significantly higher (p=0.003). Death rate in neonatal tetanus (53.84%) also significantly higher than that of non-neonatal tetanus (25%) (p= 0.026).

Conclusion: Tetanus is not uncommon in Bangladesh, especially in neonates and adult male and mortality rate is high. Short incubation period predicts were outcome.

J Bangladesh Coll Phys Surg 2021; 39(3): 160-166


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Tauhid, S. A., Siddika, S. S., & Anwer, S. S. (2021). Study of Tetanus in the Infectious Diseases Hospital, Dhaka, Bangladesh. Journal of Bangladesh College of Physicians and Surgeons, 39(3), 160–166.



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