The UnderstAnding of Enigmas Related to Cancer: Cancer Origin and Progression- A Review


  • MT Hasan Biotechnology and Genetic Engineering Discipline, Khulna University, Bangladesh



Developmental Pathway, Epigenetic field, Metamorphosis, Morphogenetic field, Quantum field


Human body is an excellent example of self-synchronized system. This coordination is existing between organs, cells, subcellular organels even in molecules by which these are formed and maintaining a subtle pattern of morphogenesis. Although having same responsible genes for metamorphosis of different organisms, the expression pattern of those genes varies in every species. Frequent repetition of a pathway energizes the pathway to be established itself as an ordinary and stable event in that developmental procedure. Cancer can be called a disease of geometry which is also metastasize in human body maintain a developmental pathway. The paradoxes in cancer cannot be explained with the conventional mechanistic approaches; therefore, it requires a holistic approach (Morphogenetic Field) for better understanding. Field effects of various epigenetic factors such as heavy metals and radiations affect the normal developmental pathway of organogenesis and energize the progression of cancer. Quantum field along with gravitational field also interfere with the self-organizing process of a biosystem and have influence on the mutation of different protooncogenes. Understanding of this field concept is very promising for achieving advancement in the various emerging fields of biology like optogenetics, bioinformatics, computational biology and cybernetics etc. In true sense, the morphogenetic field concept offers an exciting new canvas like checkpoint therapy in cancer prognosis.

J. Bio-Sci. 29(1): 153-161, 2021 (June)


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Hasan, M. . (2021). The UnderstAnding of Enigmas Related to Cancer: Cancer Origin and Progression- A Review. Journal of Bio-Science, 29, 153–161.



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