About the Journal

Focus and Scope

The Journal of Science Foundation is a half-yearly journal of the Bangladesh Science Foundation (BSF) published in January and July every year. The journal publishes original research papers, concept papers, short communications and review articles in different fields of science. Book reviews are also published.

Publication Frequency

The journal is published twice a year.

Open Access Policy

This journal provides immediate open access to its content on the principle that making research freely available to the public supports a greater global exchange of knowledge.

The Bangladesh Science Foundation

The Bangladesh Science Foundation (BSF) is a private autonomous Research & Development organization registered with the competent authority of the Government of the People's Republic of Bangladesh. The Organization is working throughout the country in the field of Physical and Natural Sciences. The goal of the organization is to generate productive employment and poverty alleviation through participatory approaches with emphasis on different Research & Development activities mainly agrarian development, institutional/ infrastructural development and resource development. It plays a supplementary and reinforcing role in supporting and furthering the effectiveness of integrated development programs through science & technology in Bangladesh.

Advancement of Science and Technology has made human life more meaningful by elevating their standard of living through development of myriad of modern amenities. The BSF has been established with a view to augment research activities, both fundamental and applied. Contribution of scientific research to sustainable development of a country cannot be overemphasized. Realizing the importance of the sustainable development and its impact on Socio-economic conditions of the Community, a group of eminent scientists and professionals of the country are actively associated with this organization in different fields of sciences. The BSF is concerned with natural resource management (NRM), environment, biodiversity, ICT, training and transfer of technologies. The general objectives of the foundation are:

  • To promote research on ecologically sustainable environment for protecting the interest of the future generations.
  • To recognize and support excellence in research, teaching, and practices of sciences and promote implementation and use of technologies generated for the well-being of the people.
  • To provide promising scientists with conditions conducive to the advancement of  their work in the form of award, grants and fellowship.
  • To assist scientists of different institutions at home and abroad for development of contact among them.
  • To secure and manage funds and endowments for the promotion of research, teaching and practice of all branches of science.
  • To establish and maintain scientific libraries, laboratories, museums and research institutions and to publish documents, journals, periodicals and specific studies including those useful to the policy makers for the advancement of research and development.
  • To act as an institution of the scientists of eminence and representing scientific work in national and international level and to act as an affiliating body of international institutions, agencies and unions representing all branches of science.
  • To sponsor, conduct and arrange training programs, seminars, workshops and meetings for promoting interaction amongst government, non-government and international organizations engaged in national development through application of science & technology.
  • To establish and maintain contact and collaborate with other organizations, institutions, bodies and societies in Bangladesh and abroad including relevant international agencies, constituents of the UN system interested in similar objects and to co-operate with such institutions, bodies and organizations for furthering the objects of the Foundation.
  • To provide grants, scholarships and fellowships for approved scientific research.
  • To establish awards and medals for outstanding scientific contribution made by the scientists and professionals.
  • To represent internationally as a leading scientific organization of the scientists of Bangladesh.