Diversity and abundance of some insect fauna in Bhawal and Madhupur Sal forests of Bangladesh


  • MAK Chowdhury Department of Zoology, Life and Earth Science Group, National University, Gazipur-1704, Bangladesh
  • MA Bashar Department of Zoology, University of Dhaka, Dhaka-1000, Bangladesh




Insects; Species; Fauna; Forest; Abundance; Biodiversity


The abundance and diversity of insect fauna were studied from two deciduous sal forests of Bhawal and Madhupur located at central part of Bangladesh. A total of 544 individuals of insects of 61 species belonging to 54 genera, 33 families and 11 orders have been identified with Hymenoptera (31%) as the dominant order in species richness followed by Coleoptera (13%), Orthoptera (11%), Diptera (10%), Hemiptera (8%), Lepidoptera (8%), Odonata (8%), Homoptera (3%), Isoptera (3%), Neuroptera (3%) and Dictyoptera (2%). Bhawal scores higher Shannon-Weaver diversity index (Hʹ=3.725) compared to Madhupur (Hʹ=3.340). The Bhawal Sal Forest with the collected 341 (63%) insects and identified 53 (59%) species belonging to 10 orders was found more diverse in species richness than the Madhupur Sal Forest with 37(41%) species belonging to 11 orders identified from the collected 203 (37%) insect samples. Insects of the order Neuroptera were not recorded from Bhawal. Off the 61 species, 29(48%) species were common in both the forests, 24(39%) species were exclusive to Bhawal and eight (13%) species were exclusive to the Madhupur Sal Forest. Apis cerana of Hymenoptera was identified as the dominant species having 9% of the identified samples followed by dipteran species Musca domestica with 6% of the samples. Among the insect species 30 (49%) species were found playing beneficial role as biological control agents, predators, pollinators, honey producers and also organic debris recycler. On the other hand, 31(51%) species were found to be harmful causing damage to forest vegetation as well as human and wildlife at variable degrees.

J. Biodivers. Conserv. Bioresour. Manag. 2021, 7(1): 11-24


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Chowdhury, M., & Bashar, M. (2022). Diversity and abundance of some insect fauna in Bhawal and Madhupur Sal forests of Bangladesh. Journal of Biodiversity Conservation and Bioresource Management, 7(1), 11–24. https://doi.org/10.3329/jbcbm.v7i1.57119