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Aims and scope

The Chittagong University Journal of Science publishes original research and review articles on all aspects of Science theory, principles, techniques, methods, procedures, and equipment. ... Our mission is to inform and stimulate researchers to make significant professional achievements in science. The Chittagong University Journal of Science is a peer-reviewed research journal that is devoted to the dissemination of new and original knowledge in all branches of science. The journal publishes features and news articles about major advances, trends, and challenges in science.

The Chittagong University Journal of Science’s mission is the rapid publication of excellent and high-impact research articles on fundamental and applied topics of Physical, Chemical, Mathematical and Statistical, Environmental and Biological Sciences. Its scope is broad, and ranges from novel reading address important scientific problems.

The Chittagong University Journal of Science is biannual publication by the Faculty of Science, University of Chittagong, Chittagong, Bangladesh. Journal covers fields of pure and applied sciences, comprising Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Statistics, Forestry and Environmental, Food and Pharmaceutical and Biomedical Sciences. The Journal started publishing in year 1975 with the title, Chittagong University Studies, Part-II : Science, later title was changed to its current in year 1998.

ISSN: 1561-1167

This is an ‘Open Access Journal’ you can share, copy, and redistribute the materials in any medium or format provided that articles are properly cited. We follow ‘Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International (CC BY-NC 4.0)'. All articles are published ‘free of charge’ and available free to readers for online reading or download at www.cu.ac.bd/cujs.

Financial resources:

The journal is financially supported by University of Chittagong.

Submission of a manuscript to the Journal will be taken to imply that:

  • The work is original and has not been previously published (except in the form of an abstract or a part of a published lecture or thesis).
  • It is not being considered for publication elsewhere, and
  • If accepted for publication, it will be NOT published commercially elsewhere in the same form, in any language, without the consent of Executive Editor or Publisher.

Review Process:

  1. When manuscript is submitted for publication, the Executive Editor will review the initial scrutiny of the article in the shortest possible time along with plagiarism checking, and, when found to be publishable, assign the subject editor assignment to a reviewer to review its scientific contents.
  2. All articles in this journal will be reviewed in a double-blind review process, that is, the reviewer(s) and the author(s) do not know the identity to each other. Moreover, to ensure transparency and fairness in the publication of the journal, the identity of the Author(s) should be hidden to the Editors.
  3. The Editorial Board responsible for each manuscript shall constitute a reviewer panel consisting of 4 (four) specialists who are not working in the establishment of the principal Author(s) or knowingly / apparently have no conflict of interest with the principal author. Reviewers will be the minimum Associate Professorial status of any Public University if they are a university teacher, and at least the chief Scientific Officer or equivalent, if employed in reputed Government Research Organizations.
  4. The Executive Editor shall send the article to the 02 (two) Reviewers from the Reviewer Panel with a request for assessment within a period of 01 (one) month and request that the article be returned in writing if he/she cannot send an opinion or agree to a review within that time. If he/she do not submit a review feedback within the stipulated time period, he/she may send an extension within 15 (fifteen) days. If he/she still do not get any feedback or send it back without comment for some reasons then it will send to the next reviewer of the panel.

Decision Process:

  1. If the opinion received from 02 (two) reviewers is 'Yes', the article shall be sent to the author for correction/revision within 01 (one) month, according to the suggestion made by the reviewers, and shall be rejected unless submitted again with appropriate correction within stipulated time the author(s) must be informed to the Executive Editor.
  2. The amendment/refinement shall be in principle adopted for publication of the article on the subject editor's opinion as to whether the reviewer's comments have been properly addressed and modified according to the format adopted by the journal, which must be reported to the Meeting of the Editorial Board before publication.
  3. If the opinion received from 02 (two) reviewers is different, it will be forwarded to the 3rd (third) reviewer for further evaluation. In such case, a decision will be taken to accept/reject the publication based on the opinion of 2 (two) of the 3 (three) reviewers.
  4. If the opinion received from the reviewers for the first 02 (two) comments are 'No', then the article with the opinion of the reviewers (without the identity of the reviewers) will be return to the author(s) mentioning the reasons for rejection of the paper.

When submitting an article in the CUJS, the author(s) must give declaration addressing to the Executive Editor of The Chittagong University Journal of Science that the article has not been previously submitted elsewhere for publication or it may not be rejected by The Chittagong University Journal of Science previously. If in case of previously rejected article which will be resubmitted to the Journal in that case the author(s) must be mentioned the cause of rejection and any improvement done in the text by the author(s) for further processing.

Publication Frequency

CUJS is published twice in a year (January, and June)

Open Access Policy

This journal provides immediate open access to its content on the principle that making research freely available to the public supports a greater global exchange of knowledge.

Article Processing Fees

Our journal is free to everyone. Full text of all the contents is always available. There is no article processing charges (APCs) or submission charges. Our readers can copy, distribute, and use their attributed research for non-commercial purpose free of charge. Our journal retains copyright of the articles through a Creative Commons attribution license (CC-BY-NC 4.0).

Source of Support

University of Chittagong, Chittagong


University of Chittagong, Chittagong