Experimental and Numerical Comparative Study on RC Beam Flexurally Strengthened with CFRP Laminate.


  • Md Abdul Basit Department of Civil Engineering, International University of Business Agriculture and Technology
  • Md Tanvir Ehsan Amin School of Civil and Mechanical Engineering, Curtin University




ABAQUS; Beam Strengthening; CFRP; Contouring; FEM; Flexural Strengthening; RC Beam.


In this article finite element model is prepared for reinforced concrete beam which is flexurally held together by means of carbon fiber reinforced polymer laminate. The 3D analysis is conducted using ABAQUS software and the results are investigated, where maximum load, deflection at mid span and strain characteristics of both reinforcement and concrete are analyzed numerically. Later these parameters are investigated experimentally in a similar way by keeping all the important conditions such as loading, reinforcement detailing, boundary condition etc. identical. This comparative assessment illustrates that, the using of CFRP has a significant advantage to improve flexure behavior of RC beams. Various types of failure mode such as deflection and stress for whole cross section and for only reinforcement are achieved from finite element analysis. In addition, typical deflection, stress and strain contours of a specified node are found for unstrengthen and CFRP strengthened beam. This article also represents both the reinforcement strain values and concrete strain values for strengthened and unstrengthen RC beams and found a precise similarity while comparing with finite element modelling results. Furthermore, in terms of ultimate load, the deviation in result is as narrow as 4% for flexurally strengthened reinforced concrete beam by CFRP laminate.

IUBAT Review—A Multidisciplinary Academic Journal, 6 (1): 13-24





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Basit, M. A. ., & Amin, M. T. E. . (2023). Experimental and Numerical Comparative Study on RC Beam Flexurally Strengthened with CFRP Laminate. IUBAT Review, 6(1), 13–24. https://doi.org/10.3329/iubatr.v6i1.67228



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