Services Provided for Lactating Mothers at Lactation Management Clinic in Selected Tertiary Level Hospitals

Services provided for lactating mothers


  • Tarannum Tasnim Lecturer, Department of Science of Dental Materials, Update Dental College & Hospital, Uttara, Dhaka-1711
  • ANM Shamsul Islam Associate Professor, Department of Public Health & Hospital Administration, National Institute of Preventive and Social Medicine (NIPSOM) Mohakhali, Dhaka-1212
  • Mehedi Hasan Azad Emergency Medical Officer, AMZ Hospital Ltd., North Badda, Dhaka-1212
  • Farhana Sharmin Medical Officer, Department of Gynae & Obstetrics, Sur Hospital, Oman



Lactation Management Centre, Oketani Breast Massage, Breastfeeding services, Lactating Mothers


Background: Children are the precious gift from the Almightily Allah and breast milk is an ideal product given to the human being by nature to fulfill all requirements of the offspring until they are matured enough to take adult food.

Objective: To assess the services provided for lactating mothers at lactation management centre in selected tertiary level hospitals.

Materials and Methods: This cross sectional study was conducted among 100 Lactating mothers who were selected conveniently and were interviewed by pre-tested semi-structured questionnaire and an observational checklist. Collected data were processed and analyzed using SPSS (Statistical Packages for Social Science) software.

Results: Lactation management centre (LMC) is supervised by a consultant and separate room is allotted in both out-patient and in-patient departments. Mothers came with lactation problems were more likely in the first month of the baby (73%) and feeling of not enough milk production was common (49%).Highly significant relationship was found between breast problems of lactating mother and age of child (p<0.001). About 84% respondents received practical demonstration on position and attachment of the baby during lactation. About 91% respondents got dietary advice for enough breast milk production, 75% got dietary advice regarding their child’s weaning food chart and69% got health education. Maximum mothers were informed about LMC by doctor & nurse (82%).

Conclusion: Information about LMC services should be disseminated across the country. Lactating mothers should be familiarized with LMC and public awareness should be enhanced for effective management of breastfeeding problem to promote, protect and support the breastfeeding.

JOPSOM 2019; 38(2): 68-73


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Tasnim, T., Islam, A. S., Azad, M. H., & Sharmin, F. (2020). Services Provided for Lactating Mothers at Lactation Management Clinic in Selected Tertiary Level Hospitals: Services provided for lactating mothers. Journal of Preventive and Social Medicine, 38(2), 68–73.



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