Occurrence of Pasteurellosis and Newcastle Disease in indigenous chickens in Sirajgonj district


  • SMSH Belal Veterinary Surgeon, District Veterinary Hospital, Sirajgonj




Indigenous chicken, Avian pasteurellosis, Newcastle disease, mortality


A study was carried out on indigenous layer chickens to know occurrence of Avian Pasteurellosis (AP) and Newcastle disease (ND) in Sirajgonj during the period from January/2012 to December/2013. The clinical signs showed before death was recorded by taking history and the birds were subjected to post mortem examination. In addition to the clinical and necropsy findings, ND was detected by Anigen® rapid antigen detection kit. The AP was confirmed by isolation and identification of Pasteurella (P.) multocida from liver, spleen and heart samples. The P. multocida was found to grow on nutrient broth, nutrient agar, blood agar and Eosin Methylene Blue agar where it produced whitish, opaque, round, flat, translucent colonies. It produced turbidity on nutrient broth. The organism was not found to grow on MacConkey agar media and did not cause hemolysis on blood agar media. The impression smear of liver and heart blood were stained by Grams staining, Leishman staining and Methylene blue staining techniques to detect P. multocida. P. multocida organism was also found to fermnt dextrose, lactose and mannitol with the production of only acid but did not ferment maltose and lactose. P. mutocida was found non-motile, indole positive and urease negative. On triple sugar iron test it produced H2S and fermented only glucose. It was found negative to both methyl red test and Voges Proskauer test. Out of 360 birds tested 59.72% (215) was AP positive and 40.28% was ND positive. Age, Sex, season and mortality due to other diseases were not considered.

DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.3329/bjvm.v11i2.19123

Bangl. J. Vet. Med. (2013). 11 (2): 97-105


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