Importan information regarding 'COPYRIGHT' and 'List of Reviewers' (Click for more)


*The submission without 'COPYRIGHT' and 'List of Reviewers' will be removed without prior notice after 1 month from the date of submission. 

***If you have already sent 'COPYRIGHT' and 'List of Reviewers' but the editor is not assigned or reviewers are not assigned after 15 days of submission, please communicate immediately with the editor through

1. If your manuscript is unassigned (No editor has been assigned to this submission), it means you did not submit 'copyright agreement'. 

2. If your manuscript is assigned but it is not under 'review' (only submission)', it means you did not send the List of Reviewers.

3. If your manuscript is already published, you don't need to worry.

4. 'A review is overdue' means the reviewer did not send the report but due date is over.

5. '0/3' under 'Review' means no reviewer (among 3) sent any report, 1/2 means 1 (out of 2) reviewer sent a report and so on.

6. If there is no response from author for a long time, his maunscript will also be removed.