Dual solutions for radiative MHD forced convective flow of a nanofluid over a slendering stretching sheet in porous medium


  • C. Sulochana
  • N. Sandeep Gulbarga University




MHD, Nanofluid, Radiation, Porous medium, Slendering stretching sheet


In this study we analyzed the magnetohydrodynamic forced convective flow of a nanofluid over a slendering stretching sheet in porous medium in presence of thermal radiation and slip effects. We presented dual solutions for no-slip and Navier slip conditions. Using self similarity transformation, the governing partial differential equations are transformed into nonlinear ordinary differential equations and solved numerically using bvp5c Matlab package. The effects of dimensionless governing parameters on velocity and temperature profiles of the flow are discussed with the help of graphs. Numerical computations are carried out and discussed for skin friction coefficient and local Nusselt number. We found an excellent agreement of the present results with the existed results under some special conditions. Results indicate that the dual solutions exist only for certain range of velocity slip parameter. It is also found that the heat transfer performance is high in presence of velocity slip effect.


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Author Biography

N. Sandeep, Gulbarga University

Post Doctoral Fellow

Department of Mathematics

Gulbarga University




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