Complaints process

Authors are entitled to raise their concerns and seek explanations in cases where they observe any misconduct concerning our policies and ethical guidelines. Authors may register their complaints by submitting an email to: All complaints are thoroughly examined in accordance with established publication ethics standards.

Any author or scholar may raise concerns regarding the following issues:

  1. Plagiarism
  2. Copyright violation
  3. Misrepresentation of research results or incorrect findings
  4. Violations of established research standards
  5. Undisclosed conflicts of interest
  6. Bias in the review process
  7. Excessive manuscript processing times
  8. Unsatisfactory peer review comments
  9. Authorship disputes

Upon receiving a complaint, the complainant is promptly acknowledged and assured that appropriate action will be taken soonest possible time.

The investigative process is initiated by the journal's management team under the guidance of the Editor-In-Chief. Once the investigation is concluded, a meeting is convened to review the comprehensive report on the complaint, and a decision is made. This decision is then communicated to the concerned scholar via the provided email address.

We view complaints as opportunities to enhance our existing Manuscript Processing System. All received complaints are handled courteously and promptly, with a commitment to resolution.