Appeals process

The BSMMU Journal handles complaints and appeals in accordance with the guidelines provided by the Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE). You can find more information on this process here:

Authors who wish to request a reevaluation of a manuscript that has been rejected can initiate this process by sending an email to the journal's Editorial Office, including the manuscript's ID number. Please keep in mind that the decision to reconsider a manuscript rests solely with the Editor(s). It's important to be aware that, due to the high volume of submissions and limited space in our journals, some manuscripts may be categorized as lower priority and subsequently declined.

Authors are encouraged to provide a comprehensive explanation detailing why they believe their manuscript merits reconsideration. If the Editor(s) determine that the manuscript warrants reconsideration, the author may be requested to resubmit it as a new manuscript. This revised submission will then be assigned a new identification number and submission date and will undergo the review process as if it were a new submission.