Quality Control System

Our journals maintain a high standard of quality through a rigorous and efficient peer review and production process.

During Peer Review Process

The submitted manuscript will undergo a review process with the explicit understanding that it is exclusively being considered for publication in the BSMMU Journal at the present time. The manuscript must not have been published previously, concurrently submitted to other publications, or already accepted for publication elsewhere, either in part or in its entirety. The journal requires that the authors designate one of them to serve as the main point of contact with the Journal for all communication pertaining to the manuscript. Upon receipt, all manuscripts will receive a formal acknowledgment of submission.

Manuscripts received from the Editorial team will be screened by the Executive Editor and sent to internal and external peer reviewers. The editorial board members who are authors of a submitted manuscript will be excluded from publication decisions. Please note that the precise peer review process may exhibit slight variations across journals due to differences in the composition of the editorial team.

During Reviewer Selection

Reviewers for a manuscript are typically identified by Editorial Board Members, the journal's authors, or through our internal reviewer database. In some cases, external reviewers may be sourced from scholarly databases like PubMed and Web of Science.

Moreover, during the submission process, the author is encouraged to suggest two or three competent reviewers who possess expertise in the subject matter of the manuscript. Nonetheless, providing reviewer suggestions is optional and not obligatory. It is essential that the recommended reviewers do not have affiliations with the same institutes as the author/s. Ultimately, the editor retains full discretion in selecting the reviewers for the manuscript.

To ensure the convenience and efficiency of the peer review process, we conduct and track peer reviews electronically via the OJS system, accessible on the journal website.

During Editing and Publishing Process

Once a manuscript is accepted, it undergoes language editing by professional language editors after one, two, or three rounds of reviewing and revision.

  1. The edited article is then passed to copy editors who cross-edit the content and communicate with the authors to address any copyediting queries.
  2. The copyedited manuscript is further forwarded to the typesetting editor, who uses InDesign to create a PDF version.
  3. Following this, eProof editors engage with the authors for proofreading.
  4. The manuscript is initially published as "Online First".
  5. Finally, the manuscript is formally published in a specific issue of the journal and disseminated accordingly.